A Little About Me

I am a Milwaukee-born photographer, currently working in the Midwest.

I use photography to seek an understanding of Black life in the Midwest. My work lends a realistic, yet picturesque vision of the people & places that populate a collective cultural experience.

Through a blend of portraiture & photojournalism, I am seeking to define the Black Midwestern identity.

Artist Statement

Through the captivating medium of photography, I unravel the enigmatic tapestry of Black life in the Midwest. Blending portraiture and photojournalism, I seek to define the Black Midwestern identitv and explore the remnants left by the great migrant and rust belt eras.

In each frame, I present an ever-evolving culture forged from unforgiving circumstances, showcasing the beauty, creativity, and resilience that thrive against all odds.

With a touch of artistry, I transcend mere documentation, inviting viewers into a realm where realism meets poetic essence.

My work portrays a picturesque vision of the people and places that populate this collective cultural experience, immersing audiences in the vibrant tapestry of the Midwestern Black narrative. Join me on this extraordinary voyage of a visual symphony, where reality intertwines with reverie, and the profound essence of Black life unfolds before your eyes.


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