A Little About Me

I am a Milwaukee-born photographer, currently working in the Midwest.

I use photography to seek an understanding of Black life in the Midwest. My work lends a realistic, yet picturesque vision of the people & places that populate a collective cultural experience.

Through a blend of portraiture & photojournalism, I am seeking to define the Black Midwestern identity.

Artist Statement

I think all the time about how the midwest shapes people. People raised in the midwest are built differently and that’s not easily understood if you aren’t from here. Identity is the story I tell and a big focus of my work.

I use photography as an exploration of the midwestern Black experience. Blending fashion and documentary I work to show an idolized, yet realistic vision of the people & places that populate this collective cultural experience. On full display is an ever evolving culture that can only be forged from the most unforgiving circumstances. With all the odds against us there is beauty, creativity, expression, and above all, life.

I am inspired by the old legends such as Gordon Parks & Annie Leibovitz while looking across to new contemporaries Tyler Mitchell, Andre D. Wagner & Renell Medrano. 

I aim to communicate the warm feelings you can only find amongst Black people from the midwest. A photograph can say so many words and I love all the tools at my disposal. It lets me truly show this slice of life and make viewers imagine what lies outside of the frame.


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